Way Forward

  • The DCRC in 2003 initiated the computerisation of citizen’s records and simultaneously started the development of Bhutan Civil Registration System (BCRS) with the automated citizenship identity card personalisation and issuance system. The BCRS has all the necessary security features in the place to address our earlier concerns. With this system, the DCRC centrally managed the entire civil registration and monitor the issuance of citizenship identity cards.
  • Initiate appointment system for identified services
  • Initiate levying of fees for identified DCRC services and revision of fees for CID/Special Resident Card
  • Online access of Household Information/Family Register to Gewogs
  • Submit proposal on HR requirement to the Ministry
  • Review and carry out research to improve existing service delivery
  • Development of Case Information System
  • Publish Civil Registration and Census Bi-lingual terminology