Vision & Mission


The vision of the Department of Civil Registration and Census is to become an efficient and effective organization to maintain demographic records and deliver the highest standard of civil registration and census related services.  


In order to fulfill the above vision, the Department is mandated to: –

  1. Develop and maintain accurate and complete information on population and demography. 
  2. Develop comprehensive Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System.  
  3. Enhance the security and authentication features of Citizenship Card, Special Resident Card and other breeder documents.
  4. Ensure professional service delivery through optimal use of Information Communication and Technology.                                                                                           
  5. Provide timely, relevant and reliable demographic statistics to competent authority for evidence based policy and decision making.


The Department is guided by the following set of core values to promote professionalism and client satisfactory services: – 

  1. Integrity: Uphold the interest of the Department and public above personal interest while performing duty. 
  2. Professionalism: Recruit and deploy competent employees to provide professional services at all times to come.
  3. Adaptability: Respond to change with positive attitude and willingness to learn in changing work environments, work priorities and organizational needs.   
  4. Team Work: Build and promote cohesive and affirmative inter-personal relationships among the employees.
  5. Client Satisfactory Services: Create enabling environment for efficient and effective service delivery, and respond to the needs of the clients.  
  6. Timeliness: Display punctuality and provide timely services.